Oil Paintings Wholesale China

Art in Bulk is a well reputable painting art producer in Xiamen, China. We can offer famous oil painting on canvas at the best price. We have qualified artists of numerous painting subjects as well as art styles to do famous painting reproduction.

Our company is among the earliest top oil paintings studio across the world. Oil painting is our soul and life. We paint each oil painting featuring a particular meaning. We have been involved in the deal of oil paintings wholesale for a very long time therefore we have recruited a lot of outstanding painters, as a result of that, our capability of hand painting can achieve 3,000pcs/month and the portrait paintings marketplace is very promising.

All wall art are 100% hand-made oil on canvas by our skilled artists and painters.

Allow our experienced portrait artists convey this message for you with a high quality 100% hand-painted custom commission executive, corporate, academic or government portrait painting to hang in boardroom, your workplace ,your bed room,your family area or workplace. Our oil paintings wholesale consist of Family portrait, children portrait, baby portrait, pet portrait, Corporate and Executive Oil Portraits, Government portrait painting as well as paintings of galaxies. An oil portrait painting of your loved one or pet painted from photo by artist is a amazing present for birthday, Christmas, wedding, loved-one’s birthday and special events. Imagine! Now you can have a Impressive true-to-life oil portrait painting of you or someone dear to you created just for you – at a fraction of price made by innovative and well trained artist. It can be a family antique – passed down from one generation to another. We were paint the portrait for British imperial family, Europe’s congressman,famous singers and some movie stars.

All oil paintings are 100% painted by hand by our gifted artists. Our company is direct oil painting manufacturer in China and own professional supervision and reproduction teams. Fantastic and quick service makes us gain the customers’ flatters all over world. Don’t hesitate to join us to enjoy good quality art life offered by the genius Chinese artists.

Each of our oil paintings covered the entire selection of fine art history from Renaissance, Academic Classicism, Baroque Art, Impressionism, to Post Impressionism art, and so on.

Your most cherished picture can be transformed into an oil painting portrait on canvas that not simply brings a memory back again but will also develop into a treasured heirloom of the long run for you and your family. It’s so easy – you send us your favorite photograph and one of our artists will reproduce it in oils to a standard of reproduction that’s particular delight you.

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