Triple Dragon

This Dragon Shelf is a stunning piece sure to enhance your home’s wall decor. Show off a favorite vase or figurine upon this handcrafted shelf.
Cut from 1/2 inch Red Oak, this item hangs 10 1/2 inches high by 10 inches wide.

Horses on Hill

This Handmade Horse Shelf is an original decorating item. Enhance your home decor with a little bit of rustic charm; display your favorite collectables or trophies upon this unique shelf.
Cut from 3/4 inch Red Oak and stained with a Royal Walnut finish, it is highlighted with wood burned accents and edges. Item hangs 12 inches high by 52 inches wide.

Busy Beaver

This Beaver is truly busy. With temperature and hygrometer inserts it serves as a weather station; contains two picture frames for your favorite photos, a gold tone writing pen, and card or letter clip. We even included a mini gold tone quartz clock for punctuality. A perfect gift to add to a busy executive’s desk accessories.
Cut from 3/4 inch Ash, it is 15 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches high.

King of the Jungle

Make a “bold” statement at your home or office as you proclaim your “King” status within your jungle. Gold tone clock, thermometer and hygrometer complete this wooden desk accessory.
Cut from 3/4 Ash on a 3/4 inch Red Oak base it stands 11 inches wide, 5 inches high, and is 5 1/2 inches deep.


Brighten up your “Lil Devil’s” day and decor with Southwestern Style when you give them this handmade Diablo Weather Station. Mini quartz clock, thermometer, and hygrometer complete the wall hanging.
Cut from 3/4 inch Ash it hangs 10 1/2 inches wide and 9 inches high.


This functional piece of handcrafted wall art shows us a leather carved beaver in the forest. Wood burned accents add depth and distinction. Mini quartz clock, thermometer and hygrometer complete the piece.
Cut from 3/4 inch Red Oak it hangs 10 inches in diameter.

Why Should I Buy a HandCrafted Wooden Clock?

There is nothing like an heirloom, wooden clock to add warmth, decorative appeal, and originality to any room. Just imagine how many times you and the guests to your home, check the time in just a single day. What a wonderful and highly visible place, in which to display an original piece of functional art.

Ye Olde Rustic Clock Shop features handcrafted, wooden timepieces. The scrollsaw and woodburned art decorating each creation, makes every piece a uniquely rustic home accessory.

From mystical dragon to domestic horse, mantel to wall, chiming pendulum to mini quartz insert, hardwood or soft; you will find it all while browsing through Ye Olde Rustic Clock Shop. Choose cut-to-order for item as shown or custom order and design your own.

These accessories make a functional addition to any home decorating scheme. Adding a thermometer, hygrometer or barometer creates even more functionality by doubling as a weather station. No matter how you choose to have your clock constructed, you are about to order a focal point to your home that will last generations!

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